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Seminars at Whole Health Rockland
Chiropractic & Nutrition

We Love to Talk… Chiropractic & Nutrition

Seriously, a Doctor needs to be an Educator, too. We give regular talks in our office, as well as to the community. Click the links below for more info.

In Office Seminars

We pride ourselves on our educational approach and find that our patients do better when they understand what is going on with their health, and what they can do to maintain wellness. That’s why we offer regular Spinal Health Orientations, Healthy Eating Workshops, as well as Nutrition Response Testing and Natural Force Healing® classes for our patients, prospective patients, and guests. Learn more about In Office Seminars»

Outside Presentations

We care deeply about the Pomona community and love doing our part to educate our friends and neighbors about many aspects of maintaining health. We are happy to offer 30-90 minute presentations on a wide variety of topics to your group. Learn more about Outside Presentations»