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Our Nutritional Patient Advocate :: Arlene Kahn

Personal History

Dr. Arlene KahnEver since the untimely passing of her brother at age 18 from a hereditary health condition, Arlene has vowed to dedicate her life to helping others lead healthier, more vital and longer lives. She has extensively studied many natural approaches to health care with a particular emphasis on diet and nutrition.

Experience & History

As a former chiropractor, she works alongside Dr. Eric to bring the most comprehensive chiropractic experience to all the patients of Whole Health Rockland. As the nutritional Patient Advocate, Arlene brings her knowledge of diet as taught by the Weston A. Price foundation to help our patients naturally transition into this healthful way of eating.

In addition, Arlene is a Certified Communication and Relationship Coach as well as a certified Addiction Recovery Coach.

In her spare time, Arlene loves nature, animals and connecting with friends.

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