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"Good broth will resurrect the dead"

Bone broth (or more accurately bone stock) is one of my favorite things to make, although I usually wait for a holiday weekend because it takes time. It’s great to have this cold time of year, and it helps to keep your bones and joints healthy forever!

“‘Good broth will resurrect the dead,’ says a South American proverb. Said Escoffier: ‘Indeed, stock is everything in cooking. Without it, nothing can be done.’

A cure-all in traditional households and the magic ingredient in classic gourmet cuisine, stock or broth made from bones of chicken, fish and beef builds strong bones, assuages sore throats, nurtures the sick, puts vigor in the step and sparkle in love life–so say grandmothers, midwives and healers. For chefs, stock is the magic elixir for making soul-warming soups and matchless sauces.”

Read More Here at the Weston A. Price website.

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