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Are These 5 Weight Loss Myths Keeping You Fat?

This uncensored report exposes the well-hidden secrets the weight loss industry has carefully concealed from the public for decades…

(Discover The Diet Myths The Weight Loss Industry Continues To Promote To Insure You Become a Lifelong Customer)

Learn THE TRUTH the diet industry, drug companies, and even some doctors, don’t want you to know

Dear Neighbor,

You need to understand something very important right now…

The diet industry and weight loss supplement companies don’t want you to know the truth about losing weight and keeping it off.

They have too much to lose. If you lose the weight – and keep it off for good – they lose you as a lifetime customer.

Let’s face it, weight-loss is BIG business.

It’s a MULTI-billion dollar industry dedicated to making sure you don’t have all the information you need to keep yourself fit and healthy.

It’s not fair and it’s a shame.

Because with all of the research available today, no one should have to suffer the pain, embarrassment, and debilitating health effects of being overweight.

Let’s be honest. Being overweight negatively impacts every single aspect of your life.

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin, embarrassed with the way your body looks (especially naked!)

… and you’re always frustrated that you can never find stylish clothes that fit.

Perhaps you’ve even had to deal with fat-shaming, or well-meaning family members or friends who make thoughtless, stinging comments.

And then there are the very real and horrifying health concerns…

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke. Not to mention joint problems and arthritis!

We all want to be around as long as we can for our family and loved ones. And we want to truly be with them. Able to enjoy an active lifestyle with our children and grandchildren.

But here’s the thing…

Almost EVERYTHING You’ve Been Told About Losing Weight (And More Importantly… Keeping It Off!) Is Completely WRONG!

My name is Dr. Eric Goldman, and for the last 12 years I’ve helped hundreds of men and women lose weight, and keep it off, who never thought they could.
The method used at my clinic is powerful, proven, and effective.

It’s based on real science (NOT the diet industry’s version of it!) and doesn’t require pills, “potions”, powders, or surgery.

Which brings us to the first myth we want to set straight…

Myth #1: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

No doubt you’ve heard this one before. And like me, you probably believed it hook, line, and sinker. After all it seems logical that you can ‘activate’ your metabolism (read: your calorie burning internal combustion engine) by eating breakfast.

And while the first meal of the day is important, it by no means has to be breakfast and certainly not the type of breakfast you’ve been told is healthy and good for you by the fad diet gurus.

The truth is, you wake up each morning in a fat-burning state already.

All on its own, without any pills or powders, your body is working to rid your body of excess fat. No meal can actually ramp-up or ‘activate’ your metabolic rate. That’s not how things work.

In fact, breakfast can actually shut down your body’s natural fat-burning hormones immediately.

If you’ve never heard this before, it’s not your fault.

The diet industry is very careful not to incorporate new, cutting-edge, research into their programs unless it is profitable to them. And they conveniently omit important information you should know.

For example…

Myth #2: Eating 6 or 7 small meals every couple of hours helps you lose weight faster

Have you heard that you should carry your food around in little plastic containers, eating 6 or 7 tiny meals every couple of hours?

If so, there is absolutely no scientific research out there to support the popular diet plans that promote this.

It’s a myth. Totally made up by the diet industry to sell you their pre-packaged food.

Imagine going through your day not obsessing about food and only being allowed to eat just enough so you’re always starving. All you do is think about your next meal and when you can eat again.

It’s ridiculous, unproven, and unnecessary.

What’s more, processed, pre-packaged foods, especially the ones labeled “low-fat” are filled with dangerous high-fructose corn syrup that floods your bloodstream with fat-storing hormones that tell your body to pack more stubborn fat onto your hips, butt, and thighs.

You need to know that eating your favorite foods is absolutely necessary to reaching your ideal weight.

What about this “oldie but goodie”

Myth #3: Weight loss is a matter of will power


Obesity isn’t a willpower problem, it’s a biology problem. Let me explain.

Certain foods trigger the release of certain hormones. Some hormones promote weight loss while others promote weight gain.

If you know the right foods to eat, you would never have to worry about your weight again.

Unfortunately, you won’t hear a peep from the diet industry or the drug companies about this because they can’t make any money from it.

You see, all your “stubborn” areas are actually a symptom of a food-related hormone imbalance.

For example, those “love-handles” are a sign that your body is having a problem with insulin.

Holding a lot of fat on your hips and thighs is a sure sign of an estrogen imbalance (even if you’re a guy!).

Most Diet Programs Only Focus On Losing Pounds, But Pay No Attention To WHERE The Pounds Are Coming From?

Huge mistake.

You need to realize that every time you diet and lose weight the wrong way, you are making it harder to lose any weight in the future.

Your metabolism is being permanently damaged and soon it will become impossible to get results.

What about this one…

Myth #4: You should stop eating meat and instead eat “health foods” to lose weight

Now, I’m not here to change your beliefs about the meat industry, but here’s the plain science regarding weight loss…

Animal protein boosts your metabolism and turns on your fat-burning hormones and shuts off your fat-storing hormones better than any other food on the planet.

Food scientists employed by large corporations that produce processed foods will tell you that eating animal meat and fat is dangerous. But they are wrong and are just looking out for their own interests.

The science, the REAL science, tells a very different story.

Today, many so-called “health foods” are actually some of the absolute worst foods you can put in your body if you’re trying to lose weight.

Even worse…

These Foods Not Only Activate The Fat-STORING Hormones In Your Body, But Have Intentionally Been Engineered To Be Addictive!

They are specifically designed to stimulate the same receptors in your brain that cause people to become addicted to opioid medications and illicit drugs like meth.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Myth number five is a big one…

Myth #5: Eating a low-fat diet is necessary to lose weight

In reality, swearing off fats is the fastest way to fail in controlling your weight.

Fat is not your enemy.

In fact, if you eat a strict, low-fat diet,It can actually lead to poor brain function, hormonal imbalances and gainingweight!

Fats are absolutely necessary for making sure you lose fat as fast as possible…

But you must know which fats are the right ones for you and which ones to avoid at all costs.

A food your friend, co-worker or spouse eats may burn fat for them but that same food will store fat on you.

Frankly, the entire diet industry has become too invested financially in the “one size fits all” plans that don’t best serve you but are profitable as hell for them.

A warning about diet pills and supplements…

Don’t sacrifice the long-term, lasting results you want (and possibly your health) by using “quick fixes”.
You can easily turn on your body’s natural fat-burning “switch” without any pills or surgery!
The supplement and “diet pill” industry is unregulated and unsupervised and most are a complete waste of money.

You Can’t Keep Using “Pills” And Expect There Not To Be Long-term, Possibly Permanent Consequences To Your Health.

Isn’t It time you got off the frustrating (and expensive!) weight loss roller coaster?

Imagine, finally being able to lose the weight and keep it off… FOREVER!

How would you like to show people the “real” you?

Not the self-conscious version of yourself that struggles to cope with your self-image.

Would you like to eliminate all of the health-related problems and fears that come along with being overweight?

It might seem like a pipe dream with all the misinformation out there.

For most people it would be.

Losing weight is hard work. But now you know who’s got your back…

Listen, I didn’t send you this special report to depress you or cause you to give up.

I want to point you in the right direction.

That’s why I’m looking for people serious about losing weight and keeping it off forever who understand that it takes the right knowledge, tools, and techniques and not diets, fads, and half-truths…

If that’s you, we should talk.

Call me now at Whole Health Rockland for a FREE, “ASK ME ANYTHING” “no question is off limits,” phone consultation.

You will be able to ask me absolutely ANYTHING in this one-on-one, private phone call to address your specific weight loss needs and goals.

Together, we’ll develop a safe, effective, and comprehensive plan just for you.

Don’t wait.

Get on the path to a more healthy, fit and fun life.